Roundtable Nº 5:
What are the new environmental challenges of the thermal industry: energy management, sustainable development and life quality

Csilla Mezösi

Secretary General, European Spa Association (ESPA)

Since 2000 she has been involved in the activities of ESPA, by 2002 she became a member of the Board and from 2018 she is the Secretary General.

During her career Csilla Mezősi has been involved in strategic project management on behalf of urban and national government administrations to develop projects in the Health Tourism sector. She worked more than 20 years in the German tourism industry focusing on destination promotion.
Ms. Mezősi has a broad experience ranging from B2B and B2C sales activities to international PR, event organization, management consultancy, Spa development, cross marketing companies and medical tourism promotion. She also developed contacts between providers and health insurances. As Secretary General, she is active in cooperations with EU Policies, stakeholder groups DG Sante, Tourism and Sport, in the Tourism Manifesto Group, opening activities and cooperations in the overseas market and exchanging expertise with the UNWTO in the fields of health and spa tourism.

Hrólfur Karl Cela

Partner at Basalt Architects. The Retreat at Blue Lagoon (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Hrólfur is an architect and co-director of Reykjavík based architecture studio, Basalt Architects together with partners Sigríður Sigþórsdóttir (Founder), Marcos Zotes and Perla Dís Kristinsdóttir. He holds a BArch degree from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, an MArch degree from Parsons the New School for Design in New York, a Teaching degree from the Iceland Academy of the Arts and a pending master’s degree in Environmental Ethics from the University of Iceland.

He is a teacher of architecture at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Hrólfur is active in the professional community in Iceland.

He has served as board member of the Association of Icelandic Architects, Icelandic Green building Council, Icelandic Design Fund and more.

Gisele Kanny

Professor of Internal Medicine, Medical Hydrology and Climatology (France)

« Spa therapy, a model for environmental health »

Gisèle is Professor of Internal Medicine, Clinical Immunology and Allergology at the Faculty of Medicine, Maieutics and Health Professions in Nancy. She is head of the Medical Hydrology and Climatology Laboratory and a member of the Executive Committee of the European Institute of Spa Therapy. She has national responsibilities as Vice-President of the French Society of Spa Medicine (SFMTh), the French Spa and Climatic Federation and the French Association for Spa Research (AFRETh).

Her care and research are based on a holistic approach to health, with particular emphasis on the biopsychosocial environment.

She is responsible for training spa doctors in the field of medical hydrology and climatology, for the DIU in medical practices in spas, and for training health professionals and others working in spas in the context of the “Health and Thermalism” university diploma.

Iztok Altbauer

Managing Director, Slovenian Spas Association (Slovenia)

Iztok was appointed to the position as the Managing Director at the Slovenian Spas Association (SSA) twelve years ago, after he spent almost 25 years in the tourism business. Before this position, he was CEO of Globtour, one of the leading Slovenian Tour Operators at that time. He spent also several years in the Slovenian Tourist Board as Marketing Manager. He founded the Slovenian Incoming Workshop in 1997, still today recognized as the leading tourism Incoming event in Slovenia. Iztok established strong connections to the Spa, Health and Wellness industry in the Region, holding and running many presentations and events.

He is a regular speaker at various conferences and in 2017 he was one of the speakers during ITB Experts Forum Wellness.

During the 60th celebration of the Slovenian Spas Association, Iztok organized an European Conference – ENSPA (European Natural Spa & Wellness Conference) that gathered the world leading Associations in the field of Balneology, Hydrology, Spa and Wellness business, as FEMTEC, ESPA, ISMH, OMTH and the prestigious GWI (Global Wellness Institute). He is also a participating member of the Hot Spring Initiative within the GWI. During Iztok’s work, The Slovenian Spas Association joined ESPA (European Spas Association) where he is responsible for Marketing & Sales activities.