Roundtable Nº 4:
Natural mineral water, a real universal prevention asset for health and well-being

Xavier Marí

President of the Valencian Spas Association.

« Ancient medicine, new proposal: mineral and thermal waters as a health resource »

Dr. Mari has 40 years of experience in Management and Direction of Spa Resorts and Orthopedic and Osteopathic Manual Medicine. Currently, he is President of the Valencian Spas Association.

Graduated in medicine from the University of Valencia, holds several postgraduate diplomas such as Health Space Management from the Master in Hospital Management (Polytechnic University of Valencia) and a Master in Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine (University of Valencia).

From 1996 to 2002 he was a lecturer and professor in different Universities, including the Master of Social Gerontology at the University of Valencia.

His deep knowledge of thermalism and science has enabled him to teach for several international hotel management courses, such as Servicis d’Spas Wellnes, in Universitat, La Florida 2011, and the Leonardo Program.

Xavier Mari is an active professional who has been participating in different roles during his entire carrer. He was a member of the Tourism Commission of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce (2000-2014), member of the board of Hoteliers’ Union of the Province of Valencia, member of the Board of Directors of the CVIDA Association, general administrator and main shareholder of Termas de Fuencaliente S.A., director of Chulilla Spa, and member of different medical societies.

As a speaker, he has participated in various events on tourism and hydrotherapy (Aosta-Italy, Aix les Bainys-France, Termatalia-Ourense, Associació Balnearia de Catalunya, among others)

Marie-Catherine Tallot

President, French Society of Thermal Physiotherapy and Advanced Practice, member of the World Federation of Hydrology and Climatology, President of the Association of Friends of Thermalism, Member of the French Society of Thermal Medicine and Member of the Board of Directors of the European Institute of Thermalism.

« Natural mineral water: an asset for improving health and quality of life »

Physiotherapist, member of the Departmental Council of the Order, committed to the development of local, regional, national, and international hydrotherapy, she chairs the Friends of Thermal Therapy association and the French Society of Thermal Physiotherapy, is a member of the French Society of Thermal Medicine and the board of directors of the European Institute of Hydrotherapy, responsible for a Commission of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy. She organizes the University of Thermalism, participates in international congresses, author of articles and a book on the 7th century of thermalism in Nancy. Elected to the city of Nancy and to the Métropole from 2008 to 2020, she led the Nancy Thermal project with André Rossinot. Regional Advisor, she represents the Region in the Grand Est Thermal Federation.

Alessandro Pasquale

President, Natural Mineral Waters of Europe, Brussels (Belgium)

« Mineral Water and Springs, connected by nature »

Alessandro Pasquale assumed leadership of Mattoni 1873 from his father in 2007. Thus, Mr. Pasquale represents a second generation to build on the heritage of the original company founder in 1873, Heinrich Mattoni.

Under his administration the Company became No. 1 in the Central European region, having acquired subsidiaries in Austria, Hungary, Serbia, and Bulgaria and reaching many export markets; also incorporating the PepsiCo production and distribution.

Mattoni 1873 operates 11 factories in 8 countries of Central and Southern Europe, producing local mineral, spring waters and global brands.

Mr. Pasquale’s long-term passion lies in sustainability, not only of his own Company, but of the entire European beverage industry. In his capacity as the President of NMWE, he is promoting the circular economy principles both on local and European level.

Dr Marcus Coplin

Naturopathic Medical Doctor Director of Hydrothermal Medicine, The Balneology Association of North America. (US)

« From Empirical to Evidence: the evolution of Balneology »

Dr. Marcus Coplin is a primary care Naturopathic Medical Doctor. For over 15 years he has focused his work in the world of Hydrothermal and Biophysical therapy for the treatment of complex and chronic health conditions. Dr. Coplin lectures and educates around the world on the therapeutic applications and benefits of Hydrothermal therapy and trains physicians and healthcare professionals on the proper application and technique of these therapies. He is the director of Hydrothermal Medicine for the Balneology (medicinal hot springs usage) Association of North America. In 2022 Dr. Coplin joined the team at The Springs Resort as Medical Director.