The European Historic Thermal Towns Association (EHTTA) is contributing to UNWTO’s Programme of Work 2023 with its next “International Congress on Thermal Tourism”:  After a successful congress in Ourense (Spain) in September 2022, the aim is to organise this forum for experts and tourism professionals in heritage, tourism and experience regularly in the coming years.

In 2023 the event will take place in Nancy (France).


The International Congress on Thermal Tourism 1999  (Mondariz-Balneario, Spain)  was organised by the World Tourism Organisation, Tourspain and
the Xunta de Galicia
(Member of EHTTA).


The International Congress on Thermal Tourism 2011
(Ourense, Spain)
was organised by the same partners and also with the collaboration of the municipality of Ourense and the Government of the Ourense Province.


With EHTTA as UNWTO Affiliate Member a new format and level of the International Congress on Thermal Tourism was organised.
270 participants from over
20 countries met in
Ourense, Galicia (Spain).

Sustainable Thermal Destinations for the future

Thermal Tourism is a powerful tool to contribute to safeguard the world’s thermal heritage (natural, cultural and intangible) and to provide socio-economic benefits, including the dynamisation of rural areas and the creation of stable employment and income-earning opportunities. Thermal tourism needs to be recognised as an instrument for sustainable development and as a model for other tourism sectors or products.

Thermal destinations offer visitors the possibility of using all the attributes of the town for health, well-being, learning, entertainment, socialising and mindfulness (and/or spiritual wellbeing). All local stakeholders (public, private and citizens) can attend THE Congress to learn how cooperate to create a sustainable, innovative and competitive tourism product.

Thermal tourism is considered to be one of those fields of tourism which could experience the greatest growth after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourists will be looking for wellness experiences, immersing themselves in the destinations and interacting with local inhabitants. It is necessary to explore connections with other cultural and natural resources to create new and better sustainable thermal products.

Why Nancy?


With NANCY THERMAL a new center for health and wellbeing has opened in April 2023, reconnecting the ducal city of Nancy with its past and thermal baths . This new complex offers sport, leisure, wellness and wellbeing activities. Everyone can benefit from the thermal water – public, guests and patients. 


Nancy is located in the Grand Est Region, France’s most European region, bordering four countries (Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland). It is easy to access from all directions. 
The congress venue, Nancy Thermal, is located in the center of the city, another unique fact!  


The International Congress on Thermal
Tourism will be connected to the
French Meetings of Thermalism, making it
a great opportunity for all delegates to meet
and enjoy the programme together.